We were so excited about the arrival of the Burket Family, that we sent Aklax to the airport ONE DAY EARLY!  Brent and Jennifer have arrived to volunteer at the Hospitalito for THREE YEARS. They are both family practice physicians with the ability to perform cesareans.

On the left in the group foto are Christopher, Brent, Jennifer and Julianna Burket. Aklax is holding Elizabeth and Juan Manuel has little Nicholas. (yes, four small children!) The staff was so eager to meet the new family that they arrived to welcome them, and to help carry luggage.

We are very happy that they have arrived! Mission Doctors is the organization that facilitated their volunteer time with HA. It was September 2007 when Dr. Brent arrived with Mission Doctor’s director Elise Frederick. We have been patiently awaiting his return.

One thought on “EXCITING NEWS!

  1. So glad to see that Brent, Jennifer, Christopher, Elizabeth, Julianne and Nickolas have arrived safely.

    We know that everyone at Hospitalito Atitlan will enjoy working with this wonderful young family!

    Elise & everyone at Mission Doctors Association

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