East Salem Rotary

east-salem-rotary.jpgOur good friend Phil Sperl returned to the Hospitalito this week to work. He first volunteered in Panabaj in 2005 to renovate the inpatient building. He has returned every year or two bringing Rotary friends. Mike Bredimus, Tom Schussman and Phil are standing in front of the baseboard tiles they installed today. Ana Paola Leiva (daughter of our beloved surgeon Dr. Fernando Leiva) came along to help and to see the operating room named in memory of her father. They are staying at the home of Linda and Mario Rosito of Club Rotario Guatemala Oeste. Their clubs worked together on a Rotary International grant for Hospitalito Atitlán to get the diesel generator, a photocopier, commercial washer and dryer and more. Great friends and supporters of the Santiago Atitlán community.


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