Thank you Johanna and Nathan!

15 degrees north latitude

This is Nathan Broddy with the nice Toyota pick-up truck he and his wife owned until yesterday, when he donated it to Hospitalito Atitlán. He drove to Santiago Atitlán from his home in Hamilton Montana with friend Chad Knaus. They were on the road for ten days.


Nathan’s wife Johanna Drienling is a past medical volunteer as is Dr. Chad Knaus.


The truck will be used to take medical staff and supplied to the community outreach clinics in Cerro de Oro and San Antonio Chacaya, and to pick up staff in the night when they are needed for emergency surgery. Many of Nathan’s friends chipped in on the cost of their trip, for fuel, Hotels, and to pay import taxes.


Nathan feels he has found a good home for an old friend.

Nathan Boddy giving the keys to Dr

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