Goodbye Brent, Jennifer, Cristobal, Elizabeth, Juliana and Nicolas

Brent & Jennifer

Friday marked the end of the “Brent & Jennifer” era at Hospitalito Atitlán, after three years of service during which time both physicians volunteered. They came with four young children, having chosen Santiago Atitlán as a comfortable place to both volunteer in medical service for the very poor and to raise a family comfortably.

The whole family said goodbye at their going away party with the entire hospital staff. In the photo are their four children, Christopher, Juliana, Elizabeth and Nicolas.

Dr. Brent said that, overall, it has been a good place to volunteer because the hospital has more resources for provision of care than might other Third World healthcare venues.

The couple is associated with Mission Doctors from the United States. This was the first time Mission Doctors has ever sent volunteers to a non-Catholic hospital. After a respite in the United States, the couple will travel to Northwestern Cameroon for another three years of volunteer service.

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